Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why America is the land of the future ?

why America is the Land of the Future ? The people party members and myself have been asking this question for a while now, Is America the last land of the future ? If this is true then this issue take us to the heart of our democracy. For thousand of years human beings are in struggle to find most advanced system of democratic government. Indeed we Americans should be proud of our continue process of improvement with small revolutions time to time. Perhaps our laws of freedom have been central to our way of life with the bill of rights. Over the years we have noticed that our political principles have been changing from government of people to Government of corporations. Many Governments have become an instrument of insurance, banking and builders by providing key positions to special interest groups of businessmen. This is major threat not only to our democracy but many countries. A best democracy is the one which is freest from special interest except it people. Politics is not a business, its an obligations. At this time by observing our democracy it looks as major donors of political parties are running America. Last twenty years since the revelation of technology started from President Clinton has given us many opportunities as well control of freedom to telephone and Internet providers with partnership of Adolf Hitler minded government employees to control freedom. It cannot make sense for people of free societies who believe in the essence of liberty which are hiding in human fealty. Over the years we American have seen more laws then any other nation on our planet is threat to liberty. A best democracy should be the servant of people rather then master. The republicans and democrats leadership of America should fallow the rules of Founding Fathers rather then bribes of race and gender to buy their way to power. This policy is dividing and overburdening Jefferson democracy with Hope that cannot be fulfilled. Thus American Constitution is based on domestic tranquility for average American. 2012 Election Republican president runner spent $ 1.3 Billion and Democratic runner $ 1.2 Billion with the total cost of presidential and congressional elections almost 6.5 Billion dollars. The People Party of Connecticut spent total of $ 313 dollars. D.C is well known place around many countries for the city of lobbyists to buy democracy for special interest groups. Our Ethics Committee is unable to monitor impression from human fealty that America is not for sale it's an ideology of future. It's time to divert the ship of our democracy toward the truth and honesty by realizing that every thing that is visible is work of invisible matter for human fealty. Sincerely, God Bless America Written by Ajmal Mehdi A responsible Citizen of State and America.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Environmental Crises Earth that is environmentally stable has a better chance of survival then the planet whose balance is less stable because of weight loss. I hope my reader understands the theory of gravity. In other words life, light, gases and gravity do not have biological organisms to ask them how are they doing. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves for others who depends on us. As we have seen since 1960, space races are increasing and spaceship are getting heavier. At this time, the average spacecraft is about 4.5 million pounds not including cargo. My main concern in this article is how we should protect ourselves from self-destruction by ignoring and creating lower gravitational region. Now imagine a honey hive, a home for honey bees in which they all live together on this planet hive nearby smoke created the environment that they have to move bees will find another place for hive but we would not. As I have mentioned before in my articles, gravity is distributing equal weight on ocean waters and mass of gasses surrounding a shallow body of cultivating system of nature. The pressure of gravity from the Sun with light and heat divides water and gases equally to makes the shape of earth round and colorful. The Sun and our Earth are the only two fusions reactors in our milky way Galaxy. The average speed of the solar wind is about 850,000 miles per hour, once it reaches close to the ozone layer, the speed is reduced and our layer blocks small partials of dust and other chemicals. Dead weight or alive weight is part of this earth for gravity and balance to keep us happy and healthy. Moon is an awesome example and a bigger picture of gravity which is holding it without pillars and ropes. It is time to monitor all space missions and activities to regulate space garbage. I sincerely appreciate technology that has made life easy on earth as long as we keep control from self-destruction. The painful condition that is destroying cultivating system is that am unable to explain in English language due to lack of words and alphabet. In the language of Rabi one can understanding connection that the basic knowledge starts with nature. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi The People Party

Friday, November 7, 2014


Moral Perfections Human life is based on a certain discipline for moral perfection. Our nature is based on the habits we learn from each others culture, faith and families. It is a loop of pleasure in the conscious that we weave everyday until it becomes so strong that we cannot break it. Bad habits must be broken and good ones acquired to establish human faith and moral virtues. In our language we believe that to gain knowledge one should use ears and eyes more then of the Tongue. I hope my readers understand the simple way of saying that eating less and drinking less will improve temperance. Speak less and avoid trifling conversation. All things have their places and time. Resolve the most urgent issue. Spend money and time to do good to others and yourself. Waste no moment of life. Live innocently and justly. Committing no crime. Adopt moderation. Adopt tranquility. Care for your chastity. Cleanliness of body, cloths and property is the most powerful I grew up in Multan Pakistan were I followed the basic order to enjoy every moment of life. My enjoyment for the twenty four hours of a neutral day started. 1. 5:00 AM Rise, wash and answer the prayer call from local mosque. 2. 6:00 AM Soccer field, walk or game. 3. 7:00 AM Breakfast. 4. 8.00 to 12:00 Work. 5. 12:00 to 1:00 Lunch , nap overlook minor things prayer. 6. 2:00 to 5:00 Work 7. 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Soccer, conversations, poetry, family dinner, television, prayer. 8. 10 pm to 4:00 am Sleep to recover memories and straight. Time went by quick and here I’m in America were we are hostage to money than healthy lifestyle. I grew up in a poor family in Pakistan with basic moral rules of life that respect your elders because they have more credit of prayers and love children because of their innocence. Those are the few rules of life I would like to share if anyone would take advantage of them. Human life is a constant struggle to reach light, one has to sacrifice certain pleasures to gain many virtues. Until this day i wonder behind the curtain of clouds a huge constellation and magnetism of matter and time.The truth is hiding behind a curtain of rumors and lack of knowledge. Spirituality is a journey from human being to be humane mutated for those who are uneducated of the force that guide life in oscillate condition with trust. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi The people party of Connecticut P.O.Box 9796 Forestvill

Friday, October 17, 2014

The People Party ask citizens and Secretary of the State for institute Change

The People Party ask citizens and Secretary of the State for institute Change Americas politics in the past have always been about false promises made by the so called "leaders" we thought would bring change. the time has now come for politics to evolve for the better. It is time for individuals who did not have a privileged birth to take part and become leaders, make honest promises and make America a nation that others would look up to. This November 4th is in another chance for American Patriotic Citizens to decide our future of republic America not another Roman empire of fundamentalist who are ignoring moral and family values of our Constitution that is based on domestic tranquility. The people members and myself would like to request all Bristol Citizen to institute Change to set an example for other cities around our union. Since we started The People Party a systematic violation of human rights against our members by deny Jobs, financial assisting problems, forced to file chapter 11, 13 and 7 bankruptcies , hard ship to get student loans and families sponsorship are put on hold, forced to move and change address, telephone numbers are blocked for communication within members. We would request assistance from Secretary of the State office to help minor political party members who are independent. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi A responsible citizen of State and America 860.583.3338

Humanity (Insaniat)

Humanity (Insaniat) Muhzabo pur na Laro bus ik khuda ko man lo Bun Ka sub insan ab insaniat ko tam lo Lafata to hain whohi Jo roshni hain ilm ki Sharah yezdan hain whohi ha quilm gin ki zulfekar Shah-e-murda bun Kai tum jhago zamana Ka lia Or zamana ko diKa do quwatai purwurdigar Muhzabo pur na Laro bus ik khuda ko man lo Bun Ka sub insan ab insaniat ko tam lo Ake ho jaho Ka jasay quwatai purwurdigar Cheen lo tarike zahnoo say jahalet Kai assoles Tore do who aditen Jin as ho Adam sharm sar Ab zamana ko dika do quwatai purwurdigar Muhzabo pur na Laro bus ik khuda ko man lo Bun Ka sub insan ab insaniat ko tam lo Lafata ban kar ubhar owe zamana Ka lia Bun Ka tum shaheen ur jaho Darane Ka lia Hum who pakistan Chathan jahan per ilm ho Hum who Hindustan Chathan jahan oh roshni Muhzabo pur na Laro bus ik khuda ko man lo Bun Ka sub insan ab insaniat ko tam lo English Translation The unbeatable are those who have the light of knowledge Gods shade are those whose pen is their sword Become brave men when you wake up for the time and show the time the power of god Do not wage war but rather come together for one god Become one like the power of god Steal the bad deeds from the minds of the wrong Rid those habits which Adam would frown upon Show this time the power of god Become unbeatable for the time Become and soar like an eagle to scare the evil Become one like the power of god Show the world the brave humankind Become all human in this dystopia Steal the bad deeds from the minds of the wrong We want a Pakistan based off of knowledge We want a Hindustan where there is light Religion does not wage war, believe in one god and have peace Become human and accept humankind Written by Ajmal Mehdi

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Assalaam un Alaikum

Assalam un Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters, INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIOON "Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return." (Al-Baqarah 2:156) My mother Syeda Kaneez Batool W/O syed Zaheer ul Islam passed away in- Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon). Please recite a Surah Al-Fātiĥah سورة الفاتح In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful (1) All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.(2) The Beneficent, the Merciful. (3) The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. (7) "Every soul shall have a taste of death, then to us you will be ultimately returned." (Quran Surat Al Ankaboot) Mother ; Mother love is a public school for humanity .The leisure of learning truth, honesty and freedom. It is the eminent brain for batter society and the library of knowledge. It is the sacred water of life that emerges with the seven colors of human diversity to dissolve racism. Human life is spiritual force of affirmations in which mother love the most beautiful museum of humanity. My muses is dedicated to my Mother Syeda Kaneez Batool who's prayer saved my life from many problems I faced after The Patriot Act. She thought me that Rosary keeps mind occupied in the loops of holiness. A great Mother, daughter, wife, grandmother name was BATOOL. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Wrestling Match

The Wrestling Match Mr. Ghada and Mr. Haty are wrestler and bodybuilders. They undergo special training for a number of years before they are able to display their strength. A big wrestling match was arranged at the people pavilion. The champion wrestler was Mr. Ghada for the last four years and Mr. Haty who always wins after eight years. Competing against them were several minor wrestlers with same ideologies. A big arena was specially prepared for the match by Regular news media group to show the game. The reporters and their cameras were all around the athletes for the last three months before the match to brainwash the citizens about Mr. Ghada. Each player comes in extremely friendly before the match but after winning, turns untouchable until the next match. The contestants grappled with each other to show adversary on the back by his skill and strength of money. On the last day, champion wrestlers entered the arena by the beat of the drums from the same commentator of Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC to show victory and confidence in Mr. Ghada. The same spectators for years give loud cheers as they shook hands to gain another contract, job and profit from fixed match. Wrestlers were brave and strong as bulls. Mr. Ghada was short build and stocky compare to Mr. Haty who was tall and big. They grappled, they push and pulled each other to as real as possible. Now one lifted the other up and hurled him yards away. But he stood up again on his legs used his skill to throw his adversary on the side. Quick as lightning, he sat on his chest and in the next moment Mr. Ghada won again. Drums were beaten by the patriotic followers of Mr. Ghada. It was a real treat for me to see the wrestling. This wasn't the first time I saw this wrestling match and perhaps this will not be the last as long as referees are not independent and honest. Time goes by quick and here Im worry about my children's future, healthcare cost, insurance,energy, payroll, liabilities, taxes, competition , retirement benefit and worker compensation as long as business as usual continues. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi