Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

Mr. Lincoln was born in poverty and survived on a small farm in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois with minimal schooling like his son Abraham. It wasn’t easy for Abraham to afford to go to school and books but with the extraordinary common sense and ambitious to learn, Abrahams mother and stepmother provided opportunities for books.
Exactly after 52 years of his life, he was elected president of the United States. At the young age Abraham had many experience with poverty, struggles and hardships as well as slavery. His extraordinary intelligence taught him that nature is an invisible pipeline producing resources for those who can sense the sensitive messages through echoes. Abraham didn’t attend Yale or Harvard to get the Certificate of privilege but he was able to break the chains of slavery and advanced America. Time is the driving force of humanity from every class to use of emblems. History teaches us that the Poets and philosophers are not more intoxicated then the politicians and the businessman for badges of greed. From the Athens of America to the House of Lord, VE RI TAS is the truth but we are unable to capture many lessons of history. 
The Question Arises What Is America ?
In 21st Century democracy has changed based of degrees and Certificates that any who are uneducated and disable is only as three-fifths of a Citizen. This new democracy reminds me our history with Native Indians, Africans Americas, Mexicans Americans as well our women’s.
In Human Fealty we sense the basic issue concerning what it is to be a ” Person in Human fealty” since democracy had failed to educate all its Citizens according to the time and devising the rule of nature by pleasing those who can afford an expensive education is the end of democracy.
As an uneducated American, I am really concerned for the present and future conditions of many Democracies around the globe. Americans like me who cannot afford school are unable to get help from the fourteen letter words “the bill of rights” which are the most important, few words for individual freedom, arbitrary and domestic tranquility of our history. Life and laws are extremely complicated without proper explanation of rules that become habits.
Perhaps , Peoples habits defend them as a society or democracy. It is the shame that our American democracy was based on for the people by the people, Since 911 tragedy it has been changed to dualist system in which democracy is for the Government by the government.
Well time is the best teacher and reminds me a story when I was young and visiting City of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. An Egyptian magazine had little this story of greed in the language of English.
Gela a Greek Politician, and a Knight who was very rich and powerful. He wanted to go on vacations but was concerned that all that money and gold he had collected over the years was not under safe custody and unable to trust any, Gela decided to hide them in the ground and put an Olive tree on top of it to remember.
The box was made of wood, in it a pouch of Safran to keep gold fresh. A horse cart was ready for a six months vacation to go to Athens. At this time Dionysius and his nation was in depression and Dionysius had returned from Egypt with the Drink of knowledge to make wine. Dionysius had sent an official order and seeds of grapes to many of the Knights to produce gardens to make wine. The messenger brought the message with the seeds and handed to Gelas Mistress with the order. Lady Circe was well knowledgeable of harvesting and order to plow the land were Gela had buried the treasure. Soon grape seed were bury into the ground about the size of 12 Acres.
Gela returns and see grapes tress on the land were he had buried the Gold and suddenly has a stroke and is paralyzed half the side of his body unable to walk and talk. Every morning Gela wanted to go to Garden of grapes so a few servants picked him up on the wooden chair and walked along the sides of the trees and realized that when Gela is in the Garden he is more active and happier by looking at the trees. Gela was trying to figure out were is the Gold That he had buried. Time went by quick and Wine was ready from the Grapes Gela would drink the wine and cry for his Gold soon he was able to walk and talk with struggle.
Twenty years went by and One night Apollo appears of his dream and said if you return all Gold and treasure to People you will find your treasure and health. Gela got up early in the morning and decided to return the treasure to the public . Soon he went to walk in the garden and noticed Safran trees were growing in a place were he had buried the Gold.
He order to dig the place and find the Gold and distribute equally with the people of town. He was changed and asked forgiveness from his Lord recovered fully with the joy of kindness.
It’s my habit to pray and today I asked, what is greed. The answer ‘a disease that includes in jealousy and hatred. In the language of Rabi a writers responsibility is to live innocently and justly with the love and humanity to uplift light of knowledge.
Written by Ajmal Mehdi
The People Party of Connecticut

Friday, January 9, 2015


In the middle of the 17th century, many families came into the United States for financial and religious reasons. One French family came among them, few brothers who were fisherman first resided in Canada and moved to Maine. Once one of the brothers was in hardship and not feeling well due to the lack of work. One morning he got up to go fish, as soon as he got into his canoe he fell asleep. The wind and tides took his boat to the Atlantic Ocean. 
By the time he got up, his boat was in the eye of a mini hurricane and eventually broke apart. Both went underwater. He soon found a piece of wood and began floating on it. Hungry, sick and tired he floated on the raft wondering when he would pass away. In his dizziness he saw a light that looked like a human being. This light was trying to wake him up but he was too dizzy to recognize it. After a day and a half of floating he came upon a beach not far from Portland Maine. Someone at beach give him food, water and blanket assuming he was homeless and devastated. He walked around town and soon realized he wasn’t far from his home. 
Tim lone Wolfe , who worked for me at The Corner Store was part of Native American tribe of New Town Maine had mentioned this story, of a Frenchman. His story reminds us that miracles happen everyday in life. The light guides us and shows us directions but many times we do not realize due to lack of trust.
Within few days after Tim’s story I had to open Adam’s Market, a store in Forestville with Tim and David.Early in the morning in the month of October at the front doorsteps I noticed a dead honey bee frozen due to frost. I picked the bee and brought in carefully and placed on top of the register. Soon Tim and David walked in to rearrange store fixture told them about the frozen bee on top of the register and to be careful when taking a customer. 
We got busy working taking customers and drinking coffee. After couple of hours Tim noticed the honey bee wasn’t there. The bee was flying around the store. Seeing this we were happy and opened both doors of the store to let her out to liberty. We started talking about life, an amazing journey and about the Fisherman of Maine who lived to be 90 years. Over the years many people come in ones life but few who are special due to their intelligence.
Paul Cyr is one of those people ,a True American and Veteran who would help people without any personal interest or benefit. Paul, David, and Tim and many like them live around us, all around earth they live very simple life but contribute great wisdom to the cycle of life and knowledge. Since I was kid I have noticed many mini stories of small miracles unfolding. It is my habit to write them down for those who believe.
God particles are at work from the beginning of our universe and humanity some people call them Higgs particle we call them light of knowledge in the language of Rabi. Nature is the pipeline to understand beautiful miracles that unfolds every morning a fresh begging based of physics, chemistry and biology.
Every day I pray to the heavenly light. Today I asked after prayer what is life and death?
The answer came, two dimensions of one life.
Written By Ajmal Mehdi
The People Party of Connecticut 
Since I sign The Patriot Act I went into Depression and Crises after crises until this Day. Freedom is the light and restrictions on a mind is like living in a Jail. Well we learn with the Experience and hope for the compensation of my time.
God Bless America .....mehdi 
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Monday, January 5, 2015

We The People

1. We believe all people are entitled to freedom, peace and justice. We will do all that we can to see these rights are promoted and protected in the current century.
2. We believe any kind of negative discrimination such as racism, sexism and religious persecution are crimes against humanity. We cannot endorse sole progression of man from animal as it rejects spiritual evolution. We will respect all human kind.
3. We believe in freedom of the press and object to media censorship. We believe we have the responsibility to stay informed and the right to have resources for this available without restrictions.
4. We reject war, terrorism and arms build ups as they are plagues on mankind and the environment.
5. We support and encourage efforts to preserve and protect the environment. Air and water pollution, unbridled harvesting of fossil fuels and loss of habitat need to be stopped. We are committied to do our part by recycling and curbing wasteful habits. We recognize our responsibility to future generations in this regard.
6. We believe we must provide education worldwide in health and family planning. We must foster respect for life and accept responsibility for the offspring we create. Programs facilitating border less adoptions need to be encouraged.
7. We believe everyone is entitled to a good quality of life including clean water and air, energy availability for home and commerce and a healthy diet. Every nation and its leaders must be accountable that these needs are met.
8. We will respect all life including animal rights and insist on their protection and humane treatment in food preparation entertainment and sports.
9. We are honest in all our dealings and we respect the dignity of others. We will instill these beliefs in our children in order to promote happiness and peace.
 10.  We believe that the Government works best at the local level. The closer the control of the government is to its people, the more interest and control citizens hold in political matters.
 11. We believe that America is a nation of a unique founding and historical experiences. Therefore, we do not believe that American institutions and our way of life should be imposed upon nations of different origins.
12. We believe that the local and or federal Government not “follows through” with anything not spelled out clearly in the Constitution.
Responsible Citizens of State and America 
The People Party.   www.Americansparty.com 

Friday, January 2, 2015


    As we observe this new world democracy stirring years of war and promises of change with peace, proved to be the most tremendous failure of our time. Democracy is a law used to produce fruit of knowledge. Knowledge uplifts freedom and liberty with basic rules of life in a democratic family, city, society, state or country. The best democratic societies have minimum laws for basic safety of it’s people. Perhaps the peoples decisions is a democracy based on the numbers of votes to make a law and by selecting wise minds for office. 
    My main concern is that many governments, a select few individuals, make decisions daily while the Constitution of democracy is according to the people. The law that is pure and truth goes by the name VE RE TAS. The past thirty years the purity and truth of democracy digested greed and lies into the system which is producing difficulties.
    Special conditions and tragedies are created from the influence of very narrow interest groups who are gaining authorities. Such institutional democracy raises many questions and concerns of future to remain comfortable.
    What must be done to secure a democracy and justice?
    VE RE TAS the truth by eliminating entitlements. Reform by changing democracy into new design of human fealty. It is a universal desire to uplift human being by changing the machinery of infidels. Smaller government principles can create overwhelming waves of inventions by fixing dysfunctional part of democracy and privatization of responsibilities.
    By 2050 technology will play a bigger and better roll in management of civilizations with economical performance between many nations. We have the extremely difficult challenges as well as advantages to unite all diversities to one identity of America while China has just Chinese and India with Indians as well as many others without much diversity. Cultivation of ideologies brings the most advance knowledge to self is Sine qua non to democracy. 
    The last 12 years, war overburdened democracy into selfishness of special interest groups of warmongers. We were pushed in this mess to divert attention by very smart minds that have no face. Enemy, which has a face, is better then the friend who is faceless. It’s getting costly with money and most important image. In order to reaching far into the future certain things must change. Our foreign policy and Immigration balance is extremely important by diversifying with different cultures for universal aspiration and human fealty.
    Certain basic laws of freedom needed to be re- written and reinstated in the terms of ethnological ideologies. Welcoming new ideas for faster services, and by the teachings Nathan Hale who once said, I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.
    Bristol Public Library is heaving Discussion on January 1st 2015 about Humanfealty.
    We have been organizaing such events since Government authorized the patriot act by the congress and senate to control freedom of common citizens. We consider it a inappropriate to make law of such kind in the 21st century. Any law of Justice should be assigned to uplift humanity such as Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation & John Fitzgerald Kennedy Executive Orders of HRO and Welfare law of food stamps for the lower class.
    The People Party       www.americansparty.com

حقوق الإنسان

حقوق الإنسان by humanfealty/human Faith HUMAN RIGHTS Democracy has many blind spots by benefiting the wealthy and those who are in the circle of democratic friendship . Many City attorney's keep an excellent record by keeping eyes on untapped treasure of public properties that buildup from Eminent domain and other such laws. America is not alone in this by having trillions of dollars worth of public properties. My personal experience started by buying Pine Lake Manor Condominium Association in Bristol Connecticut that I invested everything in, assuming to be a good investment until tragedy of 911. The patriot act was introduced to track Muslims living in America and somehow my name appeared on Hudson United Bank which is TD bank North now had my Business account. State Capitalism emerged in 2003 in our democratic society. Uncle Sam capitalism mission pushed me into depression and crisis after crisis. As of today, the Government accountability Office owns more than 920,000 buildings. By March 17th, 2015 one more home will be added to this list of greed. Since 2006 we have been asking the State Department for justice, for justice as a Pro Se in the Supreme Court of Washington DC as well as in the State of Connecticut unsuccessfully. Each appeal is denied or forced closed while you are away. When I was younger, a teacher had told us the story of a King who lived in Mesopotamia now days Iraq. The king used an Elephant for transportation and in wars, while it was not used the elephant was a staying loss to eat around town. Not far from the Kings Palace a Carpenter had a donkey that normally followed the elephant for company. The elephant and donkey become good friends by spending most time together. One day, the donkey thought of eating water melons from a farm that was situated on the other side of the river. Donkey was always afraid of water and asked the elephant since you are big and can easily walk through the water why don't you carry me over. The elephant agreed. As they reached close to the farm the elephant asked not friend not to howl donkey sound since this property belongs to the people of a different nation. Both friends began to enjoy sweet water melons quietly. The elephant had to smash the melons with legs so both could eat property. The elephant had hardly eaten two dozen melons when the donkey had eaten a stomach full. Now the donkey had a habit of howling after eating food and thus, he began to howl. On the sounds of the donkey howl, the Public ran to protect the farm and beat the animals. The donkey ran into the bushes, but the elephant was caught. The public yelled at the elephant mercilessly but didn't beat him due to him being the kings ride and a big animal. Elephant slowly started moving toward the river to leave the farm , soon donkey came running from the bushes behind him. Elephant asked the donkey why he had howled when he told him not to make a sound. It's habit to howl after eating, the donkey replied. By the river donkey climbed on top of elephant, as they reached in the middle of the river the Elephant sat down and began to roll in the water. The donkey was frightened and requested the elephant not to do it. Elephant said it is my habit to roll in the water after eating water melons. The donkey drowned in water . Next day, a war Started between the two nations because the elephant had destroyed water melons. Thousands of people died in the war including the elephant and the king. Time goes by quick, here we are in the state of CT where it reminds me of the kingdom of republicans and democrats whom donkey and the elephant style of democracy continues. Sometimes in power we forget the basic laws of the invisible creator who gave us knowledge. Our first amendment is a great example and only weapon for poor people like us who are not allowed to have attorneys to get justice and are kept in financial hardship while the city state and private corporations have teams of attorneys to control freedom. Today I reviewed a summons from PHH Mortgage who have teams of attorneys such as Hunt Leibert Jacobson of Hartford CT to foreclose. It is easy to destroy buildings and family's with the rules of destruction such as The Patriot Act. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi The People Party of Connecticut

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why America is the land of the future ?

why America is the Land of the Future ? The people party members and myself have been asking this question for a while now, Is America the last land of the future ? If this is true then this issue take us to the heart of our democracy. For thousand of years human beings are in struggle to find most advanced system of democratic government. Indeed we Americans should be proud of our continue process of improvement with small revolutions time to time. Perhaps our laws of freedom have been central to our way of life with the bill of rights. Over the years we have noticed that our political principles have been changing from government of people to Government of corporations. Many Governments have become an instrument of insurance, banking and builders by providing key positions to special interest groups of businessmen. This is major threat not only to our democracy but many countries. A best democracy is the one which is freest from special interest except it people. Politics is not a business, its an obligations. At this time by observing our democracy it looks as major donors of political parties are running America. Last twenty years since the revelation of technology started from President Clinton has given us many opportunities as well control of freedom to telephone and Internet providers with partnership of Adolf Hitler minded government employees to control freedom. It cannot make sense for people of free societies who believe in the essence of liberty which are hiding in human fealty. Over the years we American have seen more laws then any other nation on our planet is threat to liberty. A best democracy should be the servant of people rather then master. The republicans and democrats leadership of America should fallow the rules of Founding Fathers rather then bribes of race and gender to buy their way to power. This policy is dividing and overburdening Jefferson democracy with Hope that cannot be fulfilled. Thus American Constitution is based on domestic tranquility for average American. 2012 Election Republican president runner spent $ 1.3 Billion and Democratic runner $ 1.2 Billion with the total cost of presidential and congressional elections almost 6.5 Billion dollars. The People Party of Connecticut spent total of $ 313 dollars. D.C is well known place around many countries for the city of lobbyists to buy democracy for special interest groups. Our Ethics Committee is unable to monitor impression from human fealty that America is not for sale it's an ideology of future. It's time to divert the ship of our democracy toward the truth and honesty by realizing that every thing that is visible is work of invisible matter for human fealty. Sincerely, God Bless America Written by Ajmal Mehdi A responsible Citizen of State and America.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Environmental Crises Earth that is environmentally stable has a better chance of survival then the planet whose balance is less stable because of weight loss. I hope my reader understands the theory of gravity. In other words life, light, gases and gravity do not have biological organisms to ask them how are they doing. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves for others who depends on us. As we have seen since 1960, space races are increasing and spaceship are getting heavier. At this time, the average spacecraft is about 4.5 million pounds not including cargo. My main concern in this article is how we should protect ourselves from self-destruction by ignoring and creating lower gravitational region. Now imagine a honey hive, a home for honey bees in which they all live together on this planet hive nearby smoke created the environment that they have to move bees will find another place for hive but we would not. As I have mentioned before in my articles, gravity is distributing equal weight on ocean waters and mass of gasses surrounding a shallow body of cultivating system of nature. The pressure of gravity from the Sun with light and heat divides water and gases equally to makes the shape of earth round and colorful. The Sun and our Earth are the only two fusions reactors in our milky way Galaxy. The average speed of the solar wind is about 850,000 miles per hour, once it reaches close to the ozone layer, the speed is reduced and our layer blocks small partials of dust and other chemicals. Dead weight or alive weight is part of this earth for gravity and balance to keep us happy and healthy. Moon is an awesome example and a bigger picture of gravity which is holding it without pillars and ropes. It is time to monitor all space missions and activities to regulate space garbage. I sincerely appreciate technology that has made life easy on earth as long as we keep control from self-destruction. The painful condition that is destroying cultivating system is that am unable to explain in English language due to lack of words and alphabet. In the language of Rabi one can understanding connection that the basic knowledge starts with nature. Sincerely, Ajmal Mehdi The People Party