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America is supposed to rise up to live out the true meaning of  “ Freedom” and of its creed for human fealty. The revolution of change that started in the middle of President Bushs term was to improve knowledge, not to divide Americans into groups of people. Since the Civil right acts of 1964, 65 our country has achieved racial knowledge by electing President Obama in the White House with the promise of change to control illegal use of State Power for human rights.

However what was promised wasn't accomplished from this Administration of the White House. The drumbeat has started for the next “ Princeps” by the special interest groups whose only mission is the Business of America. They make the same fake promises of improvement while American Middle class is vanished , the patriot Act still active, Guantanamo Bay Cuba still operates , the only achievement of last two Administration is that Adam and Steve can be husband and wife thus, God bless America.

It is only in human nature to make false promises while hungry for Mastership . The only Question very few true American are asking from Past, Present and future American Presidents is whether they played their true part in the matter of improvement , freedom , human rights, civil rights and human fealty? The accountability will remain a mystery as long as business as usual will continues until true change.
Written by
Ajmal Mehdi
The People Party of Connecticut
Americans Minorities Alliance

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fair Competition

Since 1776 it seems Republicans and Democrats are living in a fantasy Political system, they pre arrange elections without respecting the Constitution and federal, state and city charters. In 21st Century everyone is equal and there is no such thing as competition of ideologies as long as two parities rule continues. It is true doesn’t it since the founding fathers of American democracy.  Well now it doesn’t work.
In order to advances the human civilizations fair competition helps grow people knowledge and laws enormously in a true democratic system. If there was no competition we Americans would have been living in Stone Age and would never landed on the moon. The competition becomes the national pride for people in order to grow but it must be fair and clean. 2012 Election the people party of Connecticut received 841 votes as an independent voter registrar and came on third position according to federal rules and hundreds of democratic city around the world whom populations in more than sixty thousand people. 
As an Upright Americans we owe much of our advancement to mini competition and revolutions every now and then between ideologies, companies, nations, technology as well as system of democracy and Human fealty. 
This is competition of ideas and technology that brought us to a new high and President Obama in the White House. 
Our political structure and system needs an honest competition with trust and we the members of The People Party and myself challenges The Republicans and Democratic leadership to give us opportunity to challenge there ideological principle by respecting 2012 Election outcome in which People Party won a seat in the voter registrar office to organize for next Competition. 
Written by the People Party of Connecticut

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Illegal Forestry

Illegal Forestry

Environmental NGOs have played an important part in raising  healthy future and political awareness of the issue, and they continue to be important actors in monitoring, detecting, and analysis of illegal forestry activities, associated illegal trade, and other forest crimes. Industry has also been increasingly vocal about the need to combat illegal logging and to ensure sustainable practices are undertaken. The problem is a far-reaching one, with negative consequences such as environmental degradation, disrupted trade and market access, unsustainable economic development, and  revenue for the state and local communities. 

Illegal forestry in Bristol Connecticut is common Practice last 20 Years I have planted hundreds of trees all around Pine Lake and Malone Ponds area and in many other countries when visited such India, Pakistan, Iran , Afghanistan , Iraq, Saudi Arab, London, Ireland . The  City of Avon in Connecticut  has the best policy in regards to cut down trees. activities encompass illegal logging, associated illegal trade, and other forest crimes. The willingness of governments and international organizations to address this issue in international policy forums reflects a promising emergence from years past when sensitivity over political and sovereignty concerns muffled discussions. Our family started the Tradition of Christmas Tree for Environmental reasons awareness of important of nature .  As evidenced by the Bali Ministerial Declaration on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance recently signed by several Asian governments, policy dialogue has shifted toward improving governance, transparency, monitoring, and suppression of illegal activity.

However, combating illegal forestry activities is complex; challenges include unclear land tenure, lack of capacity to enforce legal bounds of contracts/permits, lack of local law enforcement, weak judicial systems, corruption, and weak independent auditing and investigation of company declarations. There is a growing global acknowledgement that stemming the detrimental environmental and economic effects of illegal forestry activities requires significant additional action and common sense . America has freedom it doesn't mean any one can take down trees and forest  just because they don,t believe in Human Faith. Americans laws needed to be upgraded I regards to getting permits to cut down trees according to 21st Century. One set of law for all towns , cities and counties . Humanity is stuck in pressure of gravity and have notice Systematic discrimination and jealousy because of Human Faith.  Aa a member of international organizations such as World Minorities Alliance we are dedicating resources to tackling this issue seriously : the World Bank, IMF, UN and the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), and others have strong policies . In the U.S. , the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development are lacking  Against Illegal Logging. Several non-governmental organizations are active internationally and in countries to promote information collection, transparency, and capacity-building. In addition to being engaged in policy discussions, Forest International Programs is involved in technical cooperation efforts in many countries . The list of nations were we have members who are very active about health future and forest preservation for future Generation. 

Afghanistan Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 
Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 
Australia Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 

Bahamas, The Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 

Bangladesh Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Bhutan Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 
Burkina Faso

Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Chile Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Congo, Republic of the
Costa Rica Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues. 
Cote d'Ivoire
Czech Republic


Dominican Republic

East Timor (see Timor-Leste)
Egypt  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea

 Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.


Gambia, The
Ghana  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.

 Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
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Holy See
Hong Kong

India  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Indonesia  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Iran  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Iraq   Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Ireland  Very Active member 
Israel    Very Active member for green future 


Korea, North
Korea, South  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Kuwait  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.

Lebanon  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.

Marshall Islands

Nepal  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
North Korea


Pakistan  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
Palestinian Territories
Papua New Guinea



Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Sint Maarten
Solomon Islands
South Africa  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
South Korea
South Sudan
Sri Lanka

Trinidad and Tobago

United Arab Emirates  Very Active to improve forest governance and laws for Environmental issues and new educational activities regarding green future.
United Kingdom   Active member

United States   Active to improve forest laws but lack basic education about Green Future and importance of balance.




American Minorities Alliance appreciate Very Active members to improve forest laws and governance for Environmental issues and human fealty. 

Sent from The People Party www.humanfealty.com
The People Party is a Minor Political party in the Constitution State of Connecticut for domestic tranquility for common Americans and healthy Future.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Supreme Court Writ of Certiorari

Supplemental Brief
The patriot Act
I hope the Supreme Court of the United States judges and justice system can understand the links in the chain of religious discriminationand the Patriot Act, which resulted from the past Republicans and this administration. 
These democratic defendants and respondents Mr. Eric Holder Attorney General, Mrs. Hilary R. Clinton, Mr. Robert Mueller, Ms.Janet Napolitano, Mr. Richard Skinner, Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, Ms. Margo Schlanger. Defendants are powerful government employees and supposed to improve human rights, justice and freedom not injustice.
Now imagine this group which represents the nation’s Justice, Image, safety, security, immigration, civil rights and Human Rights seizes the power by making The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR. to file for the Waiver in the matter of Ajmal Mehdi V. Defendants Docket 11-768. Thus

Waiver from justice?

Government agencies such as these know the rule of law is written in all states and in the United States Constitution. The measure is designed to close loophole in state and federal rules.

A common Misconception among United State Citizens, lawmakers, consumers, attorneys and Oversee visitors is that the Government, State, State Employees, State Judges, Kings, Dictators and Religious leader are Immune from Justice by Waivers or Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity.

As we see in the Clerical sexual abuse problemsis an individual problem not whole Christianity, church or all faiths. Thus money played vital (Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity) role in justice system by reducing punishment because of polytheistic society. 

Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity or Waiver in Human Faith / Human Fealty does not bar any human being regardless his/her rank and power but “Efficient Cause” because lack of jurisdiction over Wisdom, Heavenly Light of knowledge as Human Faith/ Human Fealty is a Monotheistic Faith.

However Supreme Court of the United States nine judges know that the divine affirmations of  Human Faith / Human Fealty are playing an important role by explaining and exploring Justice and freedom all over the world for moral values and family values since our forefather Abraham said that knowledge begins through true investigation of religious discrimination.

Response from The Solicitor General of the United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR. would save the minorities specially those who are like us but with (Human Faith) which is not written on the face. 
Waiving the right would be strange for the majority to legislate laws particularly in the light of their own welfare to neglect the welfare of the minority and to fulfill their own desire in a manner unjust.
The painful and emotionally stressful condition for me is that the American democracy and freedom does not understand religious discrimination is here. People cannot be happy under a rule or system where spiritual and moral values are in danger. Knowledge is the only source toward establishing a basic philosophy of Human faith/ Human fealty. 
Objection on the waiver would also save the minority’s religious belief and defend them against the chain of Religious discriminationand the Patriot Act by the powerful government employees or individuals’ defendants.
I do apologize to be very critical to express my views when suffering from psychological pressure by signing the Patriot Act just because of my name and origin
I do appreciate our system of freedom which is protected by First Amendment to express my suffering. 
However Supreme Court of the United States judges knew it is right of all humankind not to sacrifice any of their Freedom of right as long as it is not necessary for Plaintiff to choose between the patriot Act or freedom.
I am living continuously under threat that my(Family) being judged on every move we make someone is watching us and every breath we take someone listening us worry about slightest mistake. Fear is stealing away our happiness and family life in the chain of slavery.
The claims made in the letter on January 17, 2012 that government hereby waives its right to file a response for injustice to the Supreme Court of the United States judges. Thus

Mr. James Madison Bill of Right is open example by reading the Religious Act H.R 2679, The Patriot Act and “Terry Shivo V. State” which are contributing pain in my life like other steps in the chain of Religious discrimination by privileged members like Mr. Eric Holder Attorney General, Mrs. Hilary R. Clinton, Mr. Robert Mueller, Ms.Janet Napolitano, Mr. Richard Skinner, Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, Ms. MargoSchlanger and The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR.
The Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity Does Not Bar a Suit for Mandamus Sovereign immunity is no defense to an action for mandamus. Sovereign immunity has never been considered a bar to mandamus actions seeking to compel public officials to perform the duties imposed upon them in their official capacities with proper knowledge. Haneke v. Secretary of HEW, 535 F2c. 1291, 1296 n. 14 (D. C. Cir. 1976); Anselmo v. King, 902 F. Supp. 273, 277 (D. D. C. 1995); Bowen v. Massachusetts, 487 U. S. 879, 899, 109 S. Ct. 2722, 2734- 2735, 101 L. Ed. 2d. 749 (1988); Moosup Trucking Co., Inc. v. John A. MacDonald State Highway Commissioner,5 Conn. Sup. 114, 117 (1937)

The rule that the government can waive its right from response in its own courts does not apply to an action of mandamus brought to compel a public officer to perform public duties see, Cox v. Aiken,

Supreme Court of the United States judges knows that they have special jurisdiction over defendants under violation of the Patriot Act.
Our First Amendment was based on keeping Church away from State and state away from civil right and religious discrimination. Act ( H. R . 2679 ) was approved on September 7, 2006 and Passedthe House by 244 to 173 in my Constitution State and supported by  many government employees who were politically appointed or union members.
 Only few true Americans thought about First Amendment and religious discrimination including I Ajmal Mehdi by reading the H. R. 2679 and signing the patriot Act in my Constitution Stateof Connecticut. Request of response from the Solicitor General would help true American stop Religious discrimination and end the patriot Actand save our Freedom. 
It is time for justice system to make defendants and respondents Mr. Eric Holder Attorney General, Mrs. Hilary R. Clinton, Mr. Robert Mueller, Ms.Janet Napolitano, Mr. Richard Skinner, Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, Ms. MargoSchlanger and The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR.to realize by Objecting the Waiver that we all have trust in GOD and have faith in humanity, freedom, peace and justice. 
How could a human being aspire to freedom in any field when he is deprived of the freedom of his life and family just because of his faith?
However Supreme Court of the United Statesjudges knows that our democracy overflows with freedom in which we educate our self not give up hope at the time when the Patriot Act is the “Imminent threat” to our freedom, Religion and Speech.
I hope the Supreme Court of the United States judge and justice system will help U.S Congresslegislate new law to protect our First Amendment Right and remind The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR. once again that the knowledge begins through true investigation of tragedy not by protecting each other and defendants.
The only power that can waives and has“Sovereign Immunity and Lack of jurisdiction is the “Efficient Cause” the initial petition thatI wrote for a writ of certiorari No. 11-768 was that Government religious discrimination policy made me feel that I am living in a prison camp of the United states. 
Mr. Eric Holder Attorney General, Mrs. Hilary R.Clinton, Mr. Robert Mueller, Ms.Janet Napolitano, Mr. Richard Skinner, Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, Ms. Margo Schlanger and The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR. press have forgotten that this nation was introduced by the “Efficient Cause” for religious freedom to upgrade human values and health. “Efficient Cause” is the power which is beyond the limits of matter and time.
I hope Supreme Court of the United States judge understands the issue very simple way of saying this,
We take a tree house. The tree house is just a material part and made of wood it cannot exist without a matter of wood. It is clear that the material (wood) cause is not the real cause which is responsible of making it. The real maker of this tree house is someone other than matter. 
The Carpenter who made the tree house and philosophy give the carpenter the name “Efficient Cause” My main purpose is to show the United States Primary matter is “Material Cause” and its real maker “Efficient Cause” .The phenomena of “Elements” is the efficient cause of life.
The Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity Does Bar “Efficient Cause” and exempt it from common approach due to lack of understanding (jurisdiction) of heavenly light (Knowledge) but “Elements (Human Beings) are not exempt. 
The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR. may not have jurisdiction over defendants due to conflict of interest or Lack of knowledge because both parties believe in waivers, but Supreme Court of the United States nine judges have jurisdiction based on 1st amendment, 13th amendment to the United States constitution.
I hope the Supreme Court of the United States judge and justice system should not wait for that day once again when Big Brothers, Buddies and powerful government officials, Army officers, some are elected and some aren’t andget way with crime based on Sovereign Immunity, Lack of jurisdiction and Waivers. Such As Hitler Vs. Humanity, Mussolini Vs. Humanity, Oil Vs. Humanity, Patriot Act vs. Humanity and religious Act vs. Humanity.
The chain of tragedy is that our justice system is stuck in the loops of limited knowledge based on Sovereign Immunity, Lack of jurisdiction and Waivers.
Human faith/ Human fealty weren’t part of American history until now when I am struggling various kind of dictatorship in which laws are monopolized for political and religious reason to protect discriminators.
However this court knows that the law of the land doesn’t states that the powerful government officials are the “Efficient Cause” of the United States of America.
The individuals who are acting behalf of United States are responsible to be just with proper knowledge of all religion even Human faith/ human Fealty. 
Based on the Waiver in the matter of Ajmal Mehdi V. Defendants Docket 11-768.The outcome of dispute concerning who did what in the democracy in which the supreme power is held by the people and used by few individuals for their personal interest by arresting, harassing in the name of the patriot act. 
The First Amendment the Bill of Right is the most magnificent piece of legislation in Human history is based on unlimited confidence in the individual to engage in political, economic and religious freedom.
I do appreciate Great American Philosophers whom uncover the secrets of diversity in this piece of legislation. The only problem is when someone uneducated like me who was born in Multan Pakistan tries to prove Human faith/ Human Fealty is religion of God (Rab) it is called “motion to dismiss” & “Lack of jurisdiction ” ,“Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity “ & “ Waiver ”.
I must point out to the judge that I am not racial at all this is the reality of chain which started by singing The Patriot Act and reading the religious Act and now facing the Waiverwhich make me feel that I’m living in the prison camp of the United states of America. 
Unconstitutional Acts were authorized in the country which contributed pain in my life The “Imminent threat” to our Constitution and freedom from illegal use of state power.
Human Rights are the inherent dignity and the foundation of fair trade, freedom, justice and peace only for privileged member of American Society. They have set a new standard of humanity in which no one has the right to fair trade, peace in life, liberty of color and security of harassment from the Justice system unless you sign the patriot Act.

Any person can be held in slavery or servitude and can be subject to torture, cruel and inhumane treatment without justice is not philosophically based on democracy or humanity. 
Freedom was the birth right of all living things just before creation of an organization call department of homeland security.
Fair trade is the business in which a person travels regularly without thinking of culture, color, country and faith. 
The new policy of fair trade is an organized system which promotes standards for atheist democrats and republicans who make the policies in areas related to the production of private and brand goods such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex toys, playboy, hustler and problems to keep innocent American citizen busy in vicious circle. 
The system focuses in particular on exports good paying jobs from America to other countries and keeping cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and sex services based economy which is against moral and family values and Human faith/Human Fealty.
Now imagine this group which represents the nation’s Justice, Image, safety, security, immigration, civil rights and Human Rights are in struggle to please and protect each other instead they should be struggling to find correct diagnosis of the illness which is truth, honesty, religious freedom and Fair mainstream media
America should be run by educated knowledgeable people or an Independent Association based on human fealty ensures the free flow of any report in a true democratic Society for justice. Justice is the ideal, morally correct state of things and persons. It is the social, political movements of humanity for injustice.

Mr. Eric Holder Attorney General, Mrs. Hilary R.Clinton, Mr. Robert Mueller, Ms.Janet Napolitano, Mr. Richard Skinner, Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, Ms. Margo Schlanger and The Solicitor General of The United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR. are not exempt from religious discrimination and the patriot Act.
1. Defendants are serving United Sate Citizen.
2. Defendants are living in the United State. 
3. Defendants are not “Efficient Cause”. 
4.  Defendants have lack of knowledge of Human Faith/Human Fealty religion organization.
5.  Defendants work in the United States
6. Defendants have lack of interest in justice, religious freedom and disabling the patriot Act.
7. Defendants have violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution: Freedom of religion for all people. 
The doctrine of Human nature is very clear that exploiting religion in an ugly way no matter which religion is that is wrong and nonsense.
The American justice system is consider to be the world leader in the knowledge through investigation, studies and discoveries in all major fields except understanding Human Faith, which is a religion of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi) in our faith is the quality of being humane and respectful for life. 
The Divine Affirmations of human faith are the Commandment of God (Rab) of Humanity (Rabi). The crime against the Divine Affirmations is blasphemy and great disrespect for our God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy. 
Human faith is a religion of Abrahamic and Mehdi‘s monotheistic faith and knows that God (Rab) is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters. Rabi has many meaning in our tongue such as tongue of Multan Pakistan. The waves of fresh air with small particles full of Wisdom and oxygen of (Rabi) are in the air it is just matter of time when they touch the brain to change the heart.
The justice system can understand these individuals not only violating our First Amendment Right in the shadow of the patriot Act by using state power, press and state resources they are also violating the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Divine Affirmations and our trust and 28 U.S.C.2403 (a)and 28 U.S.C.451 as defined by the United States constitution.
All of these comments regarding social Justice, religious discrimination and the patriot Act concluded that the condition is very emotional and stressful for many innocent American Citizens who not speck, read, write and understand English languageThe act of congress is drawn into question for the patriot Act. The Solicitor General of the United States Mr. Donald B. Verrilli, JR failed to fulfill their constitutional obligation to provide its entire Citizenry including Mr. Ajmal Mehdi with substantially Equal Rights.            

Based on the foregoing, plaintiff respectfully requests that the Supreme Court deny the Waiver and ask for response regarding Religious discrimination and the patriot act.

Thank you    Ajmal Mehdi/
الكتاب هو ربيع حقوق

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Poverty & Global Justice

Poverty and Global Justice 

From Asia to America and Africa to the Middle East, global justice and medical ethics are in serious dysfunction. As Americans we are in the twister of news from every part of the globe. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe we observe every breaking news and form ideas and opinions according to what we hear and see. The no child left behind ad appears all around the globe while we cannot pass though an hour without noticing the Leviathan notion of social contract between the ruler and people. As of today the majority of the worlds 6.5 billion people are left behind and remain very poor. Almost half of them survive of $ 2.50 a day. Rest just $ 9.00 per day.

Perhaps billions are suffering due to the absolute deprivation of just basic needs, while the distance between richest and poorest dramatically increased. A disparity that far exceeds country by country as well as here in America. Much credit is given to China and India where millions have been brought out of poverty in last 12 Years. As an uneducated unemployed American with many experiences of poverty, struggles and hardships...it makes you think of the facts. Justice is a global concern but with proper justification of What is justice ? 

According to my understanding and in human fealty it's not a political, social order of an ideal city, state of privileged society. To me it is the ideal, morally correct state of all things and matters not just for few perhaps every one equally. The richest  20 % of people account for 90 % of consumption while the poorest 20 % account for 1  % and 12 % of humanity is responsible for 88 % of human resources such as water, oil and best diet. The labyrinth political ideologies of wealthiest 20 % with the current world leadership on many nations is responsible of medical ethics, lack of women leadership , distributions of wealth as well as burden of diseases by following current International  political system of democracy. Education crisis is one of the reason due to disparities between countries and within then in terms of freedom, women,wealth and health based on culture, languages and extreme religion differences. 

My personal experience by traveling in poor areas lack of work is one of the major reason higher heart diseases, strokes, cancers and mental illness are severe because high numbers of people consume cigarette, chewing tobacco,drugs and alcohol to hide from problems of poverty. On other hand 20 % rich enough papulation is facing heart daises, Alzheimer's , dementia, diabetes with long life because advancement of medicines.  Extreme difference like these affect human fealty , productivity and burden of disease. Since buying power of the poor is very low, chances of business for profit would not invest for treatments for disease that burden nations from A to Z about 69 countries including in America. I have two prescription in Stop and Shop pharmacy of Forestville to be picked up even with insurance I cannot afford them until next month due to cost.

IMF and World bank reports show that burden to each region from A to Z will not be able to develop mechanisms without help from rich donors nations, UN as well as United States. By observing WHO articles and struggle I notice HIV, AIDS, STD,s , malaria, tuberculosis and seasonal fevers killing millions of people in these regions. 
United Nation is a political organization with over 190 members countries with the mission of peace, cooperation, health, development, human rights, education, extremism can only achieve its gole with right leadership without any special interest 
and minimum revenue of 100 billion yearly to provide countries basic support. WHO is devoted to the international health, research and monitoring depending on major donors as well as doctors without boundaries who could do better by opening small clinics with pharmacies in 190 member countries from rich 20 % to the poor 80 % communities will help produce healthcare worker and control price gouging of medicine as well as propriety rights issue within each region affordability according to basic medicine. 

International bill of rights were written for all human beings with the idea of International court of Justice, The De Justice. domestic and global issues were limited to the each city and state until formation of United Nation in 1945 in New Hampshire United States. Perhaps the mission was global rules of sovereign boundaries and identities which are morally important as long as these identities are not based on extreme luxuries V. extreme poverty, immemorial , based on Summum Bonum ( foundation of morality ) In 2015 almost 1.3 billion people are living in absolute poverty just about $ 1.22 a day or even less in countries like Haiti, Somalia, Pakistan, India, China, Congo, Afghanistan, Kenya, and Liberia. While top leadership of religions, human rights groups and political powers live in palaces to penthouses. International obligations to those who are poor or in absolute poverty need very different approach and theory in 21st century. 

The circle of 20 % political power globally is fail to distribute wealth equally even here in the United States.Last October my mother passed away and now feeding a family of 4 is extremely difficult , I. am writing this experience not for sympathy from any because I believe and thank God I am lot better then those who are just living in $ 1.22 cent per day in human fealty it is a moral duty to assist the absolutely poor not by converting them into a group of Ideologies by taking advantage of one condition is a Sin according to human fealty.

Since many Democracies do not have any obligations particularly those of the richest countries for many of the extreme poor due to state welfare system could provide direct help that would decrease gap. One of the world report from veterinary service data indicates the richest of 20 % human paulation spend an average of $ 3.90 cent per day on 1.7 billion pets while some human being suffer just for basic food and medicine breaks my heart. Global injustice lies behind many judgements like them the victims of this economic order of 21st century has been imposed upon poorest people mainly by rich countries, private business and landlords whom bargaining power allows them to shape international agreements in favor of their own families, economic and geopolitical interests. 

During 80s and 90s thousands of structural progress by many rich countries within political and business circle with partnership of governments under many different names made many people worse off one of them was Brooklyn NY project is an example and Bristol CT down town project with same roots. While thousand of these luxurious units sit empty in hope of foreigners would move in. In fact, human faith basic humanitarian duty is to rescue, VE RI TAS and providing assistance to others when we can do it without mush burden to ourselves. In the book of Rabi I have written about justifications I just wrote in English do not apply to them who thinks they are above humanity. Thus, Someone may wonder why am so passionate to end poverty because I have seen this virus which is worst then many like greed, sexism, extremism and racism. 

This globe is in the eyes of supreme being in not bigger then a human genome. Then why not uplift poor who live on our lonely planet. Some strong statists argue that this  poverty is business of city or state in democratic system they are certainly right as long as city or state can afford it. According to my knowledge, 69 countries are running basic economy on IMF loans and world bank credit. Poverty is a disability and according to our law in America the Americans with disabilities act requires a reasonable accommodation made to assist needs of persons with disabilities. Example Supreme Court case 11-768 I argue that in public buildings , courthouse, libraries , and millions of public places curb breaks, ramps are indicating that few of us use wheelchairs, cans as well as hands to uplift humanity. It's my habit to interview most vulnerable people such a prisoners, older, children, women and those who are decisional impaired about the view of life just because heavenly light live through us. 

Medical companies are busy in clinical research on  80 % vulnerable poor off shored for the resources to cure 5 % is one of the major topic through the eyes of global justice and off course exploitation take places in less developed countries. A serious need of a honest change with checks and balances from city mayors to all the way top of each political ideology is universal creed. The world forum on democracy in Warsaw claimed that " the will of the people is the reason of State while out of 100 countries only 43 percent of them represent true freedom. National Democratic Institute knows well that 10 % privileged members of each country bribe their way into offices with rubber stamp of human rights becoming increasing dysfunction. With my experience of 2012 Election I learn that the secret of good policy lay in checks and balances as well as good leadership like one come out from Jack Kennedy and Dr. King struggle for domestic tranquility that introduce EBT and EEO. 

Once a richest man in Babylon, Moshe's asked Abraham what is true wealth ? 
Abraham replied a good kind heart who feed hungry and poor is richer then you Moshe's devoted 99 % of his wealth to charity work and lived to be 124 years.
Written By Ajmal Mehdi 
The People party of Connecticut 



Monday, February 2, 2015

The Essence of Liberty

The Essence of Liberty 

Demos-kratos a Greek language word which means a system of City- State where Public participate for higher lawmaking within meaningful sense. Last three centuries history has rescued the Democracy only to transform it into a conflicting question whats next ? The petition of change was loud enough from this democratic administration for a new beginning from an oligarchy. They spoke for the public and tried to win the mobilized constant of Mr. Obama which is fine for diversifying culture. This is of course true and it is one of the reasons I have been writing under the people party banner for human fealty a way of higher lawmaking system for domestic tranquility and human rights.  

Our founding Oligarchs are ruling us from graves with the hope that we would change constitutional politics according to the time. Perhaps they are happy that we have reached democratic heights merely because we don't bar minorities and women from the polls and elections. On other hand one hundred plus countries classified themselves as an democracies based on the will of the people while lacks basic services. In my Supreme Court Case 11-768 I argued that democracy has disappeared from the world when I was forced to sign the patriot act and lost my job and health.

Over time it has become standard practice for Supreme Court justices to discourage change to keep normal political life from transformation of higher lawmaking which is the origin of liberty and the essence of Human fealty. Since am involved in political activities to learn and improve human nature by showing them another side of consciousness. One of the most powerful spiritual and human rights practice is to change not only yourself but humanity which is in the bondage and suffering since immemorial. 

I have spent much of my life observing the life of birds and bees as well as human beings as a self style naturalist who is curious about nature and its creator. I find that life is a beautiful journey with many fascinating questions; perhaps some are unanswerable. Every part of our universe plays an important role in revolving to know truth. I find that the truth is hiding in the brain, heart and soul the most elegant fascinating creation of God. It is my habit to write many stories and this one begins in the city of Ashrafia in Saudia Arabia. I was about 11 to 12 years old playing with my little sister outside of our home, across the street there were a couple shops and many neighborhood kids came to get groceries or daily items for their family and we said "hello" to each other. 

Tariq was our next door neighbor, he came to get some anabs ( meaning grapes in English) and just as he left the shop we talked to each other and were playing with the stick in the mud, I noticed a 20 riyal bill someone had dropped across the street laying flat on the side of the road, it was a breezy day and then I noticed someone from the opposite side looking at me and the money, a doubt took place in my heart, by assuming that the gentlemen would take the money even though I know it's not even mine. As that man came close to the money he picked up a small rock and placed it on top of the money, he looked in my eyes and smiled. I will never forget his face, and I was embarrassed by assuming that he will take the money, even though he was honest. 

My sister and me went home. I started thinking about a question that rose in my mind, which is why I had a doubt on him. I realized that it is a natural habit as a string attached to a human heart. While time moves on we were in a plane flying back to Pakistan, a air gap hits the plane due to the desert and the less oxygenated area the fear clicks in for a moment and heart comes to the stomach and after a minute or 2 everybody was fine and I thought about the fear and realized the string attached to the human heart. 

Finally we get home relaxed for a few days and curious about things as always, one day while taking friends pets to the lake with tommy the dog saw a beautiful bird called Hud Hud, The bird had opened his crown and was inviting a female bird with an unusual sound took off in the air and I fell in love with that bird. I wanted get a hud hud as a pet so I put many traps to catch one but was unable to get it. I realized while siting near the trap that the bird has freedom and why would I keep a beautiful bird in the cage just because I love it? very ashamed and realized that true love comes from Liberty and noticed that love is a string attached to the human heart. 

Time is the best teacher of things, the next day was the day of Eid , no school for three days, happy like snow days in New England for kids. Many people were shopping around the main road, and kids of my age were playing around, while I was thinking about faith, what is faith which is also invisible like other three strings and I realized that is the fourth chamber of heart which is full of faith that has a real string attached to it. Volunteering and student of nature in UConn Medical Center helping elderly patients with the needs, and many heart patients to talk and get their feeling of recovery and habits. 

I learn pleasure form a human heart and brain according to the culture and food but the soul, Am sure the force that drives our journey is well aware of our struggle for knowledge to improve our lifestyle for future as well as our constitutional politics according to 21st Century. In the language of Rabi we learn that success of the people lay in attitudes of its leaders toward change in life whether it's education, government or healthcare, day breaks when heat hits the small particles of light in the sky's to light up morning for change

Written by Ajmal Mehdi